There's a legend with a legendary Photographs : Vivian Maier

There's a legend with a legendary Photographs : Vivian Maier


Vivian Maier, I chose to write about her, first because when i started studying photography I didn't really know a lot of photographers at the time, even though i wanted to be a photographer but I really wasn't interested in seeing other photographers work. and by the time goes by and exploring some amazing photographers, once my teacher showed us a documentary video on Vivian Maier, since then I was hooked by the amazing prints she gets, and I was more amazed when I heard her story and how her work was published! she's an incredible artist no doubts and i'm going to post some of my favorite prints of her:




what i like the most of her work is how she compose everything in the right place and the right moment, she has an amazing eye and mind working together to create the fascinating images we see here today.

and this is my favorite photographer so far, i hope you liked the blog and see you next time!