The Getty Trip

The Getty Trip

Hello everyone Here's Omar again with my weekly blog. this week I'm gonna be talking about the interesting trip I had last week to one of the greatest museum in LA "THE GETTY". 
the trip took a place on the 25th of February 2017 and our goal from the trip is to look at beautiful body of work which called: "Breaking News: Turning the Lens on Mass Media". at the beginning of the trip i wasn't really excited to go to the Getty again, since my last trip to the Getty wasn't that great, but after coming again and seeing this new work i was impressed by the work and how strong it was.


first I'm going to talk about the art work which called bringing the war home, this is the first time seeing this prints, at the beginning i felt like i've seen this work before in social media somewhere, although seeing it in prints was kinda different. the prints gives this idea of how if the war was close to our homes and society simply. and it really give that feeling of what would you do if you saw the war that close to you. the prints were very strong and it mix that idea of the american lifestyle in america and how it reflects when the war was happening. here is some other prints of the project:




it also made me think on how we take many things in our life for granted meanwhile there's many other people who thinks that it might disappear in any moment or there life might end in any second. so i truly think that it's a very strong work with an amazing presentation of the whole idea.

second thing i'll be talking about is the: Breaking News: Turning the Lens on Mass Media.


to be honest I consider myself very away and far from the media allover the planet and I've been like this for around 4 years or more, i don't watch news nor interviews on channels, and there's no reason behind that it's just a preference, i think that the media can manipulate our minds and that everyone is acting on screen and acting very well they deserve an oscar for their performance. so i wasn't really interested in this art work and i didn't spend much time on it.

that's my blog for the week see you next week!